Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ten Black Dots.....Creativity!

I was looking through my files last night and came upon an activity that I used to do the first week of school.  It was an activity that inspired creative thinking and I miss those types of activities.  Don't you?  loved this activity because it's so simple. You just need the book, Ten Black Dots, by Donald Crews, colored dot stickers, and my book template.  I like to use the primary colored dots like this:
But you can use any brand or color!  Each student will need 55 stickers but you will need to buy a bunch because the kids will use a variety of colors. 
Discuss the creativity Crews uses in each page of his book.  I like to use a piece of chart paper to create my own page and discuss my expecations for this project. (They aren't many--remember, this book is about creativity!)  Next, I turn on inspirational music and let the kids go to town.  I allow them about 30-40 minues a day.  This is so nice for me because the kids are busy and I can get a few extra minutes to catch up ALL of the work there is to do that first week of school.  And my kids are using CREATIVITY-a much needed skill for the 21st Century!  Click on either image below to take you to my TPT store!

I forgot to mention that I would have a parent bind each student's book so they could have their own book.  I have a basket in my classroom library called Our Class Books.  Students put their books there so other kids can read them throughout the year. 

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