Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Technology Question/Input

Hello!  Beth and I were asked to put together a list of teacher websites/blogs and different technology that we use in our classroom.  On our first teacher day back, we rotate every ten minutes to different stations and we are going to be one of the stations this year!  That got us thinking about how to make this the most effective and beneficial for the teachers.  My question to you is:

What kind of technology do you love to use in your classroom or do you have a really good website that you can't live without?

It would be great to get as many comments as we can on here so we can ALL benefit from the variety of resources out there.  Our goal is to do a once a month training on a different component of technology for our teachers.  We will post anything that we come up with!

Hope everyone is having a great summer - amazing how fast it is flying by!



  1. I can't live without RAZ Kids! I have a class set of mini lap-tops, a Promethean Board and doc camera. I loveeeeee all my technology! I feel so blessed!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

  2. I agree with the RAZ Kids! My students loved using it this year and it was such an easy tool for a school to home connection!

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