Monday, September 2, 2013

Reading Street Focus Wall

I have now had almost one unit under my belt of Reading Street!  After the first week, I knew that I needed to make a focus wall.  This would not only be beneficial towards my students but also for me!  I have my focus wall right behind my meeting place for guided reading groups.  This makes everything in one place and then I can easily pull materials from my focus wall to use for my groups.  I decided to include the skills from the Reading Street Pacing Guide.  Here is what I have included:

1.  Comprehension Skill - Poster for each skill
2.  Comprehension Strategy - Poster for each skill
3.  Vocab - Poster for vocab skill along with the picture vocab cards
4.  Phonics - Poster for phonics skill
5.  Retell - I am using the retell cards that came with the series
6.  Genre - Poster for each genre
7.  Theme - We write down the theme for the story on the board


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