Monday, February 10, 2014

Word Choice

Whew!! This time of year is very stressful for both teachers and students.  With all the snow days and two hour delays, our state standardized testing prep days have been cut way down - YIKES!!!  Last year Beth and I planned four weeks of ISTEP writing prep.  We took information from Smekens website and incorporated those into our lessons.  We also had our teachers portray different characters from their site.  This week, we will be meeting Prunella Purple.  She talks to the students all about how to use Purple WOW words in their writing.  This is a resource we used last year and I thought I would share!  After reading Fancy Nancy and discussing her "fancy" words, students were partnered up and found words in the text that were boring and made them into Purple Wow words. This helped them realize the importance of Purple Wow words but at the same time when too many of those words distract the reader.  I hope that you can use this in your writing!
Click on the picture for the resource!

Here are the ISTEP ladies from the Smekens website!


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