Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We are two weeks away from our first big state test!  One of my colleagues found an ISTEP Survival bag and tweaked it so it fit our "Superhero Theme"!  We are going to have a pep session the Friday before we start testing and when the students come back to the classroom, they will have this goodie bag sitting on their desk.  It is our hopes that this will get them pumped up even more and ready to take the test!

We collected different items to use for each saying (toothpick, penny, gum, mint, eraser, smarties, and pencil). 


Click on the picture of the bag for this FREE resource if you want to use to help your students Soar to New Heights with their testing!!  On the last page, I left an area blank above the SURVIVAL KIT so you can make it to fit your needs!


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