Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Persuasive Writing Unit

I know this is very last minute but I am hoping that there are some teachers out there looking for some writing plans for the three days of school this week!  We have done this unit the past couple of years and my students ABSOLUTELY love this!  I have found that I get some of their best writing out of this unit.  Everything is right here to make it easy planning for you!  The lesson is in SMART.  The one problem that I have with SMART is the inability to embed fonts so the font is Comic Sans.  If you are like me (a Font Fanatic) - you can change the font to your liking!  There is also the Planning Page for the students to write their paragraphs and turkey writing paper if you want your students to write a final draft.  Here are some pictures of what is included and a few of my students Turkey Persuasive Writing!

SMART Notebook Page!  The SMART is very detailed with everything you will need.

Planning Page for your students!

Two of the final products!  I tell my students these will be something their parents will save and they will take out and read to their grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day some day.  I think these are so stinkin cute!!

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