Monday, May 27, 2013

Using Our New Differentiated Core Cards

 I promised to tell you how our newest product worked in the classroom.  I was a little worried that there might be mass chaos, but luckily, the activity went smoothly.  First, I grouped my students in three levels (approximately a 3rd grade level, 4th grade level, and a 5th grade reading level).  I cut apart the Response Sheets and passed one out to each student according to their level.  Do you see the big apple below? That picture identifies the level. (In this case, the lower level)  My Core Cards were in three areas of my classroom and the students went to the cards that matched their apple symbol.  Easy as pie! 

Next, students completed all 12 of the Core Cards and self-checked them with one of the five answer keys available at their area.  If they missed any, they had to go back and reread the card and correct their answer.  (Notice how the apples on the Core Cards match the apples on the Response Sheet?!!!)

Finally, students took one of the Exit Slips (available in a pile after the answer keys) and went back to their desk to complete it. (Key an eye on the apple--it's the same as the before!)  Now, I can check for mastery all at three different levels!

I have to say this activity couldn't have gone any smoother.  I gathered my students together and asked them what they thought about it.  Were they too hard, too easy, just right?  Were there any problems?  Guess what?  They said they were ok--not too easy and yet some were challenging!  Just what a teacher wants!!  I caught a few of my students traveling to another group because they thought they were supposed to do all three groups but, if only, they had listened better. 

So Emily and I are hard at work creating more Differentiated Core Cards.  We already have a set of context clues in our TpT store.  What strategy should we add next?



  1. This is a great idea that could work in Math, as well! I love it!

  2. That was our goal - we were going to work on finishing our Language Arts cards and then do math too!!

  3. I love your activity! Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher