Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Tuesday!  We have our last round of testing next week for our kids!  It is always very nerve wracking but at the same time it is great for our kids to be able to showcase their amazing intelligence!  I have attached a freebie.  This is a pretty easy and quick review to do with your class.  I copied my pages with the sentences back to back and then copied the types of sentences on colored paper.  I laminated all of these copies so these could be used year after year.  The four types of sentences are leveled (there is an easier version with the words: command, statement, question, and exclamation and a harder   version with the words: interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory).  I cut apart the words and put them into baggies and then gave students the sentence page and they would put which type of sentence it is in the box.  I would then walk around the room to check or we would just answer orally as a class.  There is also a poster that you can use if you would like!

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